Sunday, February 12, 2006

This Phone Is Not In Service

I had a little cell phone trouble today. I wonder if Telecom folks at work will be able to fix my "little" problem. I think it may DOA and beyond their expertise.

CrushedI thought I remembered clipping it to my pocket before heading out the door this morning. Next thing I know, I'm at church thinking I'd better silence my phone when it is not there.

Sadly, I did find it on my gravel driveway, lying there in cell phone silence, never-more to ring again in this life. It seems my phone couldn't keep quiet in church and made a break for it when I wasn't looking. However, before it could ring triumphantly in freedom it landed in the path of destruction. In a contest of gravel, electronics and tire treads, the cell-phone always loses. What else is there to say when your number is up?

Tomorrow I will bring its pulverized remains back to the land of Telecom and see if another valiant phone is ready to take its place.


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