Friday, March 17, 2006

Who Was St. Patrick Really?

My kids gave me my much needed morning dressing advice, "wear green today dad." It seems most people at work got similar advice and are wearing green today. So what is it about this guy St. Patrick? Is this special day about wearing green, honoring the Irish and drinking beer? The history has a little deeper roots then green Irish beer. Read this link for a litle more history. BreakPoint | Apostle to the Irish

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Guinea Pigs Cometh

It was only a matter of time until we had to fulfill our promise. I’m sad to say it, our daughter worked on improving her grades. Our promise to fulfill was a “pet of her own” and it “had to” live in her room. (You have to say the phrases in quotes dramatically to capture the true essence of daughterly emphasis.) Luckily, that ruled out the horse she’s asked for since she was five.

We researched and gave her a couple of choices. Turtle, rabbit, and guinea pig made the top of the list. After a visit to PetCo the choice was finalized and we came home with two guinea pigs, an instruction book, and all the furnishings needed for a life of guinea pig comfort. That very night we learned that the two male pigs will grow up to basically kill each other. (Why didn’t the PetCo guy tell us this?) The only answer is to… um… “remove” their aggressive male tendencies before they reach guinea pig adulthood.
Scamp and Scruffy are our two guinea pig additions. Their addition officially brings the house-to-pet ratio to 1-to-1. I fear a pet revolution if we add anymore pets and they realize their superior numbers. A revolution I might add, that would be lead by our cat Hobbes who scares even the dog.
After two weeks now, the guinea pigs seem to have been a good choice. My daughter loves them. Scamp and Scruffy have warmed up to her as well. They will come out of hiding at the sound of her voice, warble and “popcorn” around with glee. I’ll see if we can make a movie of their popping around since it is something you have to see. The only way to describe it is an epileptic leap, and means they are happy with energy and have no where else to go but up.
Until then, all I have is this movie of them running around, enjoy.