Friday, September 29, 2006

A Little Oedewaldt History

Recent contact from a distant Illinois Oedewaldt prompted me to google the Oedewaldt name for a little history. I found a wonderful glimpse of history in an electronic copy of "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Peoria County" originally published in 1902.

OEDEWALDT, HENRY J.; Farmer and Miner; born in the city of Peoria, August 26, 1856. He is the son of Casper Oedewaldt, born in Prussia, October 25, 1822, died March 14, 1895; and Catherine Odenwelder, born in Baden, Germany, July 28, 1830, and still living; they were married in St. Louis, Missouri, about 1844. The senior Oedewaldt was a carriage maker and established the first carriage and wagon factory in Peoria. In 1857 he purchased the farm where his son, Henry J., now lives. Henry J. Oedewaldt married Mary Colvin at Maple Ridge, November 16, 1881. They have eight children: Sarah Catharine, born November 1, 1882; Cleveland, born March 4, 1885; Henry J., born April 14, 1888; Roger, born September 21, 1890; Snowden, born March 7, 1893; Seth, born June 2, 1895; Goldie, born July 28, 1898, and Adam, born February 10, 1900. Mrs. Oedewaldt's father, Benjamin Colvin, was born in Pennsylvania and died in Indian Territory, April 6, 1900, aged seventy years. He married Margaret Goodwill, who was born in Hollis Township in 1835, and is now living in the Indian Territory. Jacob, the only brother of H. J. Oedewaldt, was born in 1860. He married Flora Calhoun and has seven children. The Oedewaldt family are Lutherans. Henry J. is a Republican, and has served as School Director.

I can remember my grand-mother, married to Roger, referring to Henry, Snowden and Seth. I'm pretty sure I took a car ride across Pekin with Great uncle Snowden back in the summer of 1984. In fact, we may have been on our way to visit Great Aunt Goldie.

So, Casper immigrated from Prussia to Illinois [1840's?] who had Henry [1856] who had my Grandfather Roger [1890] who moved to Montana where my dad, Elliott [1937] was born.

Wow, it would be interesting to fill in some more of this history!


Simply::Me said...

Hey Elliott - It's Lisa (Annette's Grand-Daughter) I am back in Libby and I too found this when I googled the lastname... David from Illinois sent out a christmas picture - did you receive it.. Iwould love to email with you and whomever else to get more info on the family... a few years back - David sent me a huge book on things he has found... Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliott! Hope you're still blogging. I came across it when I was researching my grandmother's family. Her mother was Phoebe Oedewaldt - daughter of Casper's brother,Frederick. All the names here are familiar... I even have an orginal obit for Seth Oedewaldt. And a photo of Goldie when she was about 2 years of age. My grandmother had to have seen the book that you quoted -- I have a paper that she had written all that information -- almost verbatim. Would love to talk with you if you have the time, as we do not know much about the family. Phoebe's mother and father died before Phoebe married my great-grandfather.

I look forward to hearing from you, or anyone else researching the Oedewaldt family!

Simply::Me said...

Kris, I hope you still read this.. I have some great info on CASPER and would love to share, especially with the obit and such... I have been working with David L Oedewaldt in illinois to get some info together... you can email me at


Anna Peterson said...

Hi Elliott,

This is your Aunt Anna May (Oedewaldt) Peterson. Just wanted to say "Hi" and keep up the good work finding out about the relatives. I have a family history copy from Keith that you can copy or I'll get a copy made for you plus pictures if you just say "please" & "thank you". I have been trying to get info to log onto but somehow nothing happens ..... You can call or email and talk about it?

Love ya......... Anna

Kaitlyn said...

Hello all,
I actually might be able to fill in some pieces for you. My grandmother is an Oedewaldt. Her father was Abraham Oedewaldt who was the son of Casper Oedewaldt who was one of Jacob Casper Oedewaldt's sons. I am actually looking for information regarding Jacob's parents. I am trying to make a family tree for my grandmother seeing as her father died in his 50's.

Many of us still live in Central Illinois.

Unknown said...

Does anyone still see these?? Found this while searching the last name. My grandma is Ella Mae Oedewaldt. Her parents were Seth Oedewaldt and Angeline Pedze.