Tuesday, November 20, 2007


My wife is not into blogging. Reading blogs, yes. Writing blog, no. However, she recently sent along this story via email that I'm taking the liberty to post here. Enjoy!

Yesterday we were visiting with Mrs. Barbara, my youngest son's preschool teacher. She was telling us that over the years of working with lots of little boys at the preschool/daycare they have learned to ask the boys to “clean up your dribbles” after a trip to the bathroom. So last week during preschool as a little boy came out of the bathroom she asked him if he’d checked his dribbles and he pops up with, “My brother, has a dribble!” Mrs. Barbara was a bit surprised, but she is used to this kind of “announcement” so she made some comment like: “Well, I’m sure he takes care of it” and started to go on with class when my son says, “Yep, he keeps it in his room and feeds it and his name is Matthias.” Mrs Barbara, was a little stunned until she realized he was talking about the GERBIL!! Mrs. Barbara thought it was hilarious!!!