Friday, November 25, 2005

Dear Sign

I took up a new hobby when I moved back to Idaho a few years ago, deer hunting. What began as a simple interest has now flared to an annual 6 week obsession. My wife is usually pretty good about the time I spend out in the woods. However, by the end of November I begin overhearing whispered words such as “intersession” and “addiction” in her phone conversations.
I really blew it big just two Saturdays ago when I spent the whole day, dawn-to-dark hunting. Just a normal November Saturday except this time I was leaving the next day for a week-long training class. This would have been a good time to have studied “dear” sign instead of deer sign because I missed all the clues. I am resolved not to make that mistake again.
This week’s hunting is off to a promising start. Because of Thanksgiving, I will have Thursday morning and all the weekend to find that big buck I missed. I won’t be in trouble with my wife because all the relatives will be here to keep her company. As I head out the door with rifle in hand I catch a funny look from my wife…I think a relative is starting to get on her nerves.